Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Scoop: Coachella Revisited

Every year Indio California (near Palm Springs) pulls out all the
stops for the music festival extravaganza, Coachella.(http://www.coachella.com/) Here are some tips:

1. Aim for All Access, settle for VIP. It was very helpful when dealing with massive crowds! No need for further explanation.
2. Rent a house with friends. It's hotter than you can imagine so having a pool to cool off in is key. Time and Place Homes (http://www.timeandplace.com/locations/palmsprings/index.php) has an excellent selection of rentals and offers a full list of concierge services.

3. Party hop. This is a must! Some very hip and fun parties are held with special guest performers and DJs, gifting suites, silly, cool activities and a list of celebrities that could fill this page. My favorites this year were Lacoste and Mr. Brent Bolthouse's NEON carnival. The Daily Truffle always have the latest LA party info. (http://thedailytruffle.com/2010/04/coachella-2010-party-guide-to-fun-in-the-sun/)

4. Make no plans, have no obligations. With so much to do and see ;-) you certainly don't want to feel any pressure or even think about time.
5. Stay hydrated and nourished. It's a party foul to pass out...
6. Bring supplies. This has a different meaning for everyone but a useful tip regardless ;-)
7. Layer! It gets so cold at night!
8. Expect traffic. It'll save you frustration and possible road rage.

Favorite hotel:
-The Parker Palm Springs (http://www.theparkerpalmsprings.com/index.php) tres chic! You must go to their spa... get the "Yachtsman Voyage" package, just do it. (http://www.theparkerpalmsprings.com/spa_hydro.php)

See you next year!