Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Opening: Soho House Beach Miami

Watch out now...the biggest Soho House ( yet is opening October in Miami...just as I was getting used to the LA location.

Although the 50 room hotel, outdoor screening area, two pools and members club all sound enticing, I'll be at either the Cowshed spa or Cecconi's Italian restaurant. (yes also in LA! ;-)

Note to self: I know where I'm staying for WMC.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Adopt an Animal

Today I officially adopted a puppy. The cutest least to me! (Mine's the one on the top right-hand side ) I was never much of an animal person but I have so many friends with pets, recently my eyes were opened to having one in my family. This morning because of a caring and compassionate friend who fosters and bottle feeds pups who are found on the streets, I went downtown to the LA Animal Services North Central ( and as I was waiting to sign the paperwork and pay for the precious Leila, I walked outside to see the other dogs.

(Above is Milo, the pet of the week)
It broke my heart to see all the sweetness with no homes.

So if you know anyone who could use some extra love and companionship please, please, please consider this. If it's too much of a commitment, making a donation would help more than you know.
Note to all: Because giving is always better than receiving.
Also check out Bark N Bitches ( It's a rescue and boutique where the money goes back to finding other dogs a home!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Best Margarita: Red O Los Angeles

Yes, I know Rick Bayless is brilliant. Yes, I know right now Red O ( is fabulous. My most favorite part about the Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles? The "Scorpion" Margarita. The Alacran AKA Scorpion Margarita is something beyond brilliance and's sheer magic. I don't know what they put in that thing...wait, I do, it's: Comemorativo anejo tequila, Veev Acai spirit, Torres orange liqueur, fresh limonada, Serrano infused syrup and some super yummy red salt... and together, it's straight up euphoric. Where can you get a better margarita?

Note to self: Enter the number for a taxi in, who wants a drink?

Monday, September 20, 2010

TSA tax?

Unpacking this morning I noticed this lovely piece of paper in my suitcase.

Not a big deal until I realized something was missing! Were they hungry or just plain mean?! It clearly states in the second paragraph that "At the completion of the inspection, the contents were returned to your bag." Did the TSA rep who checked my bag think that after a long weekend in Las Vegas I wouldn't notice that they took my box of assorted caramels from Payard? Maybe had they been Kraft, I wouldn't care so much...but they were from Payard and oh so special! (and not cheap) Couldn't they just have taken all the vanilla, chocolate and coffee and at least left me the hazelnut ones??
I guess I should be thankful that my computer and Louboutins were still in my suitcase...
Note to self: Don't trust the Transportation Security Administration with tasty treats...or anything for that matter.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Best Paris Chocolate Shops

After much research, trial and error, about 100 Euro and a few calories, my search for the best chocolatier in Paris is complete. I focused on pralines of both dark and milk to have a standard to go by. I also tried each store's specialty. Why won't anyone let me take photos in the stores?? I took some anyway. ;-)

-Pierre Herme: ( Numerous locations.
Stand out pralines, the dark was a little more bitter than I like, lady gave me a few wrong chocolates but over-all a strong and delicious chocolatier. Yummy macarons too!

-Maison du Chocolat: ( The dark pralines have a slight burnt flavor, but the other selections were incredible...truffles and chocolate covered fruit.
-Michel Cluizel: ( 201, rue Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris +33 (0)1 42 44 11 66 Uses cocoa broad beans to create simply distinct and wonderful creations.
-J.P.Hevin: ( Numerous locations.
Another stand out chocolatier, fabulous pralines too! Caramels are good but nothing spectacular.

-Patrick Roger: ( Numerous locations.
Blissful pralines, inventive selection, heavenly caramels. A must.

And the winner is...

-Michel Chaudun: 149 Rue Université, 75007 Paris, France
+33(0)1 47 53 74 40‎ My absolute favorite! Perfect pralines, heavenly ganache. Must go here.

Note to self: Stock up on Michel Chaudun ganache and get the largest box of paves...maybe a few.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Magic Mountain Scam!!

My sister and I were so excited to go to Magic Mountain today with some of our friends. We bought tickets online, printed them out, got special snacks and downloaded some killer music for the ride there...only to find this small sign upon arrival...

I mean seriously?!?! Who sells tickets to something that is closed?

I called the guest relations office and spoke to Amanda the "supervisor" who insisted there were NO REFUNDS. She did let me know that if you go to the website it does state that the park is closed and only open on weekends...It's a little Where's Waldo-esque if you ask me.

In the span of 20 minutes at least 30 other cars drove up with the same scenario...pre-purchased tickets. I did the math...30 cars with an average of 3 people/car over 2 hours x $35/ticket x 5days/week= $94,500/week of fraudulent and misleading ticket sales. The part that really disturbed me was watching all the faces of the excited children turn to sadness. I spoke with 3 groups of people who had driven from San Diego, Mexico and even traveled from India! Talk about disappointment.

All I know is that Magic Mountain must really be hurting for cash if they're willing to being this shady. I wonder if this mismanagement is also reflected in the park's safety procedures.
Note To Self: Skip this pathetic place.

There was only way to turn the day around: Chinese reflexology and chocolate.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Paris Art Opening: Philippe Pasqua at Galerie Laurent Strouk

I went by Laurent Strouk's gallery in Paris ( a peak at what he has opening Thursday night. The artist Philippe Pasqua is not only brilliant but he's on fire. (Newly working with the Gagosian in New York) Art collectors are snatching up his pieces and I'm feeling the pressure to make the investment while still attainable! Decisions, decisions. Note to self: I better think fast otherwise they'll all be gone.

The exhibit is from September 10-October 23 at Galerie Laurent Strouk.
8 bis/ 16 Rue Jacques Callot
St Germain Des Pres
75006 Paris